How It Works

Below is a step by step guide to activating your EF Hutton Mobile phone and EasyTrade account.

Congratulations and thank you for selecting EF Hutton Mobile as your provider of choice. We have provided step-by-step instructions on completing your order and creating your EF Hutton trading account: Purchasing a SIM or Device, Activating your Service, and creating your EF Hutton Trading account consist of six easy steps.

Step One: Purchasing SIM or Device

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Service Plans”
  3.  Select from one of two plan options:
    a. EasyTrade “Unlimited Stock” Plan
    b. EasyTrade “Unlimited Stock and Option” Plan
  4.  Select either “Bring Your Own Device” or “Purchase Device”
  5.  If bringing your own device enter your IMEI Number in the space provided
    a. If device is compatible select “Purchase SIM”
    b. Add SIM to cart
    c. Checkout
  6.  If device is not compatible or you are purchasing a new device select “Purchase Device”
    a. Select device
    b. Add device cart
    c. Checkout

Step Two: Create Account/Activate Phone Service

  1. Upon receiving SIM or Device
  2.  Go to
  3.  Select “Activate” from Menu bar
  4. Follow the four-step activation process
    a. Confirm IMEI
    b. Create Customer Account

Step Three: Create EF Hutton Trading Account

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the step-by-step process
    a. Step one: Account Information
    b. Step two: Personal Information
    c. Step Three: Financial Picture
    d. Step four: Customer Agreements
    e. Step five: Review and Signature
    f. Congratulations! You have created your EF Hutton Trading account!
    g. Step six: Select “LOGIN” from top menu bar